The Medici Troop Transporter uses the most advanced materials available to provide
a safer environment.

The Transporter uses special shaping and materials to divert the thrust of bomb
blasts while absorbing and extinguishing the blast while insulating the occupants of
the Transporter.  

The Transporter features all wheel drive with individual electric motors in each wheel.
The Transporter is designed to run in AWD mode or two wheel drive mode.  It's
capable of operating with the loss of several wheel motors, thereby increasing its
battlefield effectiveness.

The Transporter features an on board generator which may be used to power
peripheral equipment as well as recharge the Transporter's batteries in the field.

Another advantage of the electric drive system is its near silent operation which
makes the Transporter a stealthy vehicle well suited to reconnaissance or operations
where the element of surprise is key.  

Electric motors are inherently more reliable than conventional engines.  They do not
require clean sources of air nor gallons of oil and avoid other maintenance issues as
well.  (E.g., no oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, etc.)

The Transporter features four wheel steering for incredible maneuverability.  She's
strong yet comparatively lightweight making her a fast and nimble troop transporter.

The Transporter features protective armour and an array off offensive armaments.

In simplest terms, the Medici Troop Transporter is designed to take care of business
while taking care of the men and women who keep our nation safe.