The Medici factory concept unashamedly draws its inspiration from the new Ferrari
factory complex in Maranello, Italy.  

We share Ferrari’s belief that the best employee performance is only achieved
when the employees feel empowered and appreciated.  That they are a part of the
team and that the product they produce is a direct reflection of their work.  

Employee pride is a key element to quality manufacturing and production.  Medici’s
goal is to provide its family of workers with the best possible working conditions.  

We are developing a unique, state of the art and innovative factory:  One where
employees look forward to the start of their workday.  One that’s well-organized,
efficient, ecological and hospitable.  An environment that continually stimulates and
motivate those who work there. The factory will even feature Oasis: Garden
settings where employees can relax and socialize during their breaks.   
The Medici Factory will feature:

-Trees, plants and flower lined roads around the facilities.  
-Carefully designed lighting systems that capitalize on natural light.
-Oasis: Green rest and time-out areas within the factory
-High quality and nutritious subsidized meals and snacks.  
-Climate control
-Noise damping
-Education Programs for workers which will also be available to workers spouses
-Fitness facilities
-Childcare facilities
-Counseling facilities

While our cars will cost substantially less than Ferrari's, Medici customers can take
pride in the knowledge that the same enthusiasm and craftsmanship that goes into
the building of a Ferrari goes into the production of a Medici.