The design concept was simple.  The 612TT California Spider had to be:

1.        Stunningly and timelessly beautiful, inside and out.
2.        The world’s fastest accelerating car from 0-60 mph and from 0-100 mph.
3.        The world’s fastest stopping car from 100-0 mph.
4.        Capable of generating more than 1g of lateral force.
4.        Have more trunk space than an SL Mercedes (seven [7] times that of a Bugatti Veyron)
5.        Achieve approximately twice the fuel economy of any exotic: Approximately mpg (highway).
6.        Be capable of racing at Le Mans with minimal modification.      
$20+ Million
$6 Million
$5-$11 Million
Nearly $1 Million
$6-$11 Million
$4-$7 Million
$4-$7 Million
Each Spider will be custom tailored to the individual Purchaser's desires.