The Medici Gran Tursimo establishes a new class of automobiles.  The Gran Turismo is a true four-door sports car sports car
sculpted with the flair and aesthetics of a Michelangelo masterpiece.     

The GT’s athletic physique directly targets the four-door concept cars from Lamborghini (Estoque) and Aston Martin
(Rapide).   The Medici Gran Turismo will out accelerate both the Lamborghini and the Aston Martin while costing substantially
less.  (According to published reports, the Aston Martin four-door will cost 140,000-150,000 pounds stirling or roughly

Unlike the offerings from Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, AMG-Mercedes or BMW M series, the Medici Gran Turismo is
a near zero emissions vehicle with the smallest of carbon footprints.  Far smaller than even the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight.  

Being green no longer means foregoing driving pleasure!

The Medici Gran Turismo is indeed far more than just a pretty face.  The Gran Turismo is faster than the $180,000 Aston
Martin Vanquish,  the $134,000  Ferrari engineered Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT and will out handle the $198,000 AMG
Mercedes SL65  (and SL63).

Unlike the aforementioned vehicles, which average a gross polluting 10-13 miles per premium gallon of fuel, the Medici Gran
Turismo will run exclusively on electricity for the majority of its drivers, day in and day out without the need for so much as a
drop of gas and potentially taking full advantage of solar and wind power.

With the Medici Gran Turismo, you can hit the road with invaluable peace of mind.  Unlike other electric vehicles, (e.g., the
Tesla) the Gran Turismo won’t leave you stranded.   When a Tesla’s battery pack runs out of juice, such as when you’re stuck
in one of those all too frequent traffic jams, the Tesla owner may find themselves traveling on to their destination in a tow truck
or taxi.  This seemingly inevitable fate will not befall the Medici Gran Turismo owner.  Unlike the Tesla, the Gran Turismo is
equipped with its own onboard regeneration system which recharges the batteries while on the go.  This system is in addition
to the world’s most efficient brake regeneration system which also works to recharge the system every time the brakes are
applied, thereby capturing valuable energy otherwise lost.

Thanks to the Gran Turismo’s two regeneration systems, the Medici GT’s range is approximately 600 miles.  That’s like
driving from San Diego to San Francisco without having to stop for fuel!

More “green” and environmentally friendly than a Toyota Prius or Honda Insight.
Under most day to day driving circumstances, the average driver will use only electricity to run the Gran Turismo, making this
luxury sports GT far more green and environmentally friendly than a Toyota Prius or Honda Insight.  Both the Prius and Insight
run on traditional gasoline engines when accelerating and when driving at speeds typically above 25 mph.  While the Honda
hybrid may get 40 mpg in the city (43 mpg highway) it’s possible to drive the Gran Turismo for 50 miles a day, every day,
without using a single gallon of gasoline!  That’s 18,250 miles a year  without using so much as a drop of gasoline.

The Medici Gran Turismo’s battery system is far better for the environment than the Tesla
The diminutive Tesla two-seat electric car features an 1100 pound battery pack.  Imagine tens or even hundreds of millions of
cars with 1100 pound battery packs which need replacing (according to Tesla) every five years!  Even with just ten million cars
on the road and after just five years the weight of the spent battery packs is approximately 11,000,000,000 (eleven billion)

The simple fact of the matter is the Tesla design is inefficient for it hauls around more batteries than it needs for most
consumers’ day to day driving needs while at the same time having too little range for the occasional yet regular extended
journeys most consumers require of their vehicles.

The Medici Gran Turismo requires only 1/3 the battery weight of the Tesla.  For every three pounds of Tesla battery waste to
be recycled, the Medici Gran Turismo produces just one pound.  Recycling billions of tons of lithium ion batteries will be a
challenge.  Reducing that burden by a staggering two thirds, as the Medici system does, makes the recyclability of lithium
batteries a far more achievable objective.

The Tesla’s 1100 pound battery system negatively affects the Tesla’s economy and
Weight is a vehicle’s enemy to efficiency and performance.  The Tesla is saddled with 1100 pounds of battery, 700 pounds
more than the Medici Gran Turismo.  The Medici Gran Turismo’s battery system weighs just four hundred pounds.  The
greater a vehicle’s weight, the more adversely affected is the vehicle’s performance.  Greater weight leads to reduced fuel
efficiency, reduced acceleration, longer stopping distances and less precise handling.   Simply put, lighter vehicles are more
efficient, better performers and have a smaller carbon footprint.  The Tesla is based on the Lotus Elise.  According to a road
test by Evo Magazine, the Tesla weighed 2822 pounds compared to the 2010 pound Elise (an 810 pound difference).  The
Tesla was also significantly slower around the track than the Lotus with a time of 132.6 seconds and a top speed of just 97
mph compared with the Lotus' 127.7 second lap and a top speed of 104 mph.  (Evo Magazine, June 2009)

The Tesla’s maintenance costs are astounding at more than $36,000 every five years.  
According to Tesla, the cost to replace the Tesla battery pack is $36,000 or nearly the amount necessary to purchase three
new Smart cars, two well-equipped Honda Fits or a brand new Mercedes C-Class!  According to Tesla representatives,
these 1100 pound battery packs will likely need replacing after just five years and every five years.

The Tesla’s actual range will decrease every day to just over 50% of its original capacity
after just five years.
It’s important for consumers to realize that the Tesla’s battery system’s efficiency fades relatively quickly.  The reality is the
Tesla’s range will begin decreasing significantly.  In fact, Representatives from Tesla estimate a range reduction of 6% per
year.  At that rate, and after just five years, the Tesla’s range will be just over half (58%) of its initial range.  The consumer
would then have to purchase another 1100 pound, $36,000 battery pack from Tesla.

Tesla’s 1100 lithium ion batteries will likely cause a dramatic increase in the price of most
battery powered consumer goods such as laptop computers, mobile phones, cameras,
power tools, toys, etc.
The cost for any commodity is determined by supply and demand.  If millions of vehicles were equipped with 1100 hundred
pounds of lithium ion batteries this dramatic and unprecedented increase in demand for lithium ion batteries would result in a
corresponding dramatic increase in the cost of lithium ion batteries, thereby raising the price for every product using lithium
ion batteries.  Lithium ion batteries are used in mobile telephones, laptop computers, cameras, power tools and countless
other home, office and industry electronic devices.  

Consumers recently experienced this supply and demand effect when corn was diverted from food production in order to
make ethanol.  The increased demand for corn caused an increase in the price of corn.  This lead to an increase in the price
of all corn-based products which was then passed onto the consumer.   Prices increased dramatically for all products made
with corn flour, corn starch, corn meal, corn syrup, etc.  In addition, the price of all meats and dairy products also rose as
farmers fed their livestock and dairy cows corn-based feeds.  

Consumers should be prepared for dramatic increases in the cost of all lithium powered products if the Tesla model is
followed.  We at Medici Motors believe the 1100 hundred pound battery back, with its short five year life cycle, negative
impact on the environment and adverse affect on the price of other lithium ion powered products, is not the solution to our
energy and environmental concerns.  On the other hand, the Medici Gran Turismo strikes the perfect efficiency balance.
Introducing the Medici Gran Turismo

-Concept Car, Show Stopping Good Looks-

-Class Setting Performance-

-The World’s first Four-door Electric Gran Turismo with Super
car Performance-

-More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly than the Tesla EV or Toyota Prius-