As outlined on the ‘Inspiration’ pages for Medici Motors and for our
    California Spider, our original motivation for forming Medici Motors
    arose from our frustration with the lack of style and design of today’s
    automobiles.  Our intention was to build a limited production work of art:
    The ultimate million dollar supercar.  One that was not only the fastest
    accelerating and best handling car in the world, but which was far and
    away the world’s most beautiful, inside and out.

    However, with the recent remarkable events in American history we've
    changed our original course.  In witnessing the fall of America's once
    proud Automobile Empire, we were motivated, as patriotic Americans, to
    do more.  

    Observing the real world affects of global warming, polar ice caps
    melting, polar bears starving, the emergence of super storms, draughts,
    etc., we were motivated, as Americans, to do more.

    We would set out to reinvent the ‘American Automobile’ and restore
    America’s image and reputation as the manufacturer of highly desirable
    and technologically advanced world class automobiles.

    The once great and proud American automobile industry is but a
    memory.  A once upon a time Camelot.  It exists only as a memory in the
    minds of those old enough today to recall the American car’s heyday.  
    General Motors and Chrysler are bankrupt while Ford struggles on with
    an uncertain future and with its stock value a pale shadow of its former

    For decades leading up to its demise, American cars were promoted as
    good “bang for the buck”.  The cheaper alternatives to the quality
    automobiles from Europe and Japan.  American cars were no advertised
    as the best built, looking, performing or most desirable automobiles.  
    No, if you wanted something ‘more’ you would buy a car from Germany,
    England, Italy, Sweden or even the once unimaginable, Japan.

    This was not always the case.  From its inception, the American
    automobile was coveted around the world and a proud symbol of
    American design and manufacturing.  Hollywood movie stars and titans
    of industry were seen around the world driving glamorous American
    cars.  In fact, the popular expression to describe when something was
    extra ordinary or outstanding, “it’s a doozy”, arose from the spectacular
    designs and performance of America’s Duisenberg automobiles.

    Famous nameplates included not only Duisenberg but Auburn, Cord,
    Packard, Pierce Arrow, Stutz, LaSalle and the Cadillac V16 (yes, before
    Cadillac was acquired by GM, Cadillac made world class V16 powered
    automobiles as far back as the 1920s).  However, the emergence of the
    “Big Three” lead to the demise of countless manufacturers and would
    ultimately quash the creativity afforded by competition and individuality.  
    The story of the demise of the Tucker automobile company is but one
    example of the Big Three’s predatory expansion.  The American
    automobile would never again achieve such a level of world prominence
    although there were significant designs from the flamboyant 1950s as
    well as a few notable American muscle cars from the 1960s.  

    America’s individual car companies were founded by men who were
    passionate about automobiles and this passion was expressed in their
    cars.  With the rise of the Big Three, car companies were no longer run
    by people who were passionate about making cars, men who were
    engineers and artisans.  Instead, cars were now manufactured by
    companies run by accountants, men with MBAs.  It’s no wonder then
    that American cars became passionless and uninspired means of basic
    transportation.  Unfortunately for the Big Three, they failed to realize
    that Americans appreciate and demand style and quality.  We are an
    expressive people and we want our automobiles to reflect our tastes
    and standards.  GM’s share of the American market would plummet
    from 60% to less than 19%.

    As patriots, we at Medici Motors believe America should be leading the
    world in automobile design.  40 years ago we put a man on the Moon.  
    We're exploring Mars and our Hubble Telescope explores the deepest
    regions of our Universe.  We have the finest  universities and research
    facilities in the world.  We have the brightest and most creative people
    on the planet right here in the United States.  

    We are a company founded and run by individuals who are passionate
    about cars and dedicated to leaving the world a better place for our
    children.  To this end, Medici Motors will do America proud by delivering
    spectacularly designed and engineered automobiles which run on clean,
    green electricity.  Stylish automobiles that will fit most every consumer's
    budget.  From the ashes of the American automobile industry a new and
    better car company will arise. That company is Medici Motors.  The time
    for the reinvention of the American automobile is now.